Choose our Managed Storage option and we’ll valet park your caravan! Simply call a couple of days in advance during office hours to arrange an easy drop off or pick up.

New Services Coming Soon

Within the next 12 months, Beacon Storage will begin offering flexible Managed Storage options for RVs, providing pre or post-trip vehicle checks, cleaning and preparation. In addition, our on-site service centre will soon be offering general repairs and modifications.

Managed Storage services may include but are not limited to: washing outside, cleaning inside, water refill, gas tank check and refill, battery checks and charging, electricity and lights check, bearing check and repack and fitting/removing protective vehicle covers.

Premium Managed Storage packages will mean your RV is ready to go when you pick it up with all checks done, tanks full and even the fridge cold. Alternatively, you could choose the convenience of our door-to-door drop off and pick up service.

Some services will cater specifically to RVs and other vehicles in long-term storage, such as charging the battery or starting the engine.

Eventually we plan to build an on-site self service washdown bay, in addition, customers will be able to store gas bottles in our secure designated holding area and profit from our LPG gas refill service.