Roadtrips Around Australia

Australia is among the globe’s largest nations, plain and simple. That’s precisely why travelling all over it can be such an exhilarating experience for anyone. It can also be a journey that requires a considerable time commitment. Getting from Sydney to Perth isn’t exactly a rapid thing. Getting from Cairns to Alice Springs isn’t a swift task, either. If you’re planning on travelling throughout the sizable country for a lengthy stretch of time, it may be in your greatest interests to get your hands on self storage. Car storage Melbourne can come in handy for people who give up their homes for travelling purposes. If you’re thinking about saying goodbye to your city apartment before traveling all over lovely Australia, then looking into self storage may be the way to go for you. Self Storage can work out well for people who want to hold on to furnishings, apparel, household appliances, documents, books, decorations and beyond.

Vehicle Storage

Self storage units aren’t only effective for people who are trying to safeguard smaller items for travel applications. They’re also effective for those who are trying to safeguard things that are markedly bigger. If you’re going to be moving to a different country for your career, it may be wise to think about vehicle storage. If you need car storage Melbourne locals can depend on, you should browse facilities that are in and near the vast city. Finding car storage Melbourne residents can trust should be pretty straightforward for individuals who are committed and diligent. If you want to get car storage Melbourne can lean on, you should find out about facilities that have features like climate control. You should find out about facilities that are especially roomy, too. Cars aren’t exactly the littlest things in the world.

How can self storage aid individuals who relocating abroad for their positions? It often isn’t practical or realistic to ship cars to other nations. It can cost a steep amount of money, first of all. It can take a lot of time as well. If you want to steer clear of any of the frustrations that are part of shipping cars to other countries, you should think about getting self storage, instead. Self storage can be a terrific option for people who are unable to safeguard their vehicles elsewhere. You may not be able to park your car on a residential property for weeks or months at a time. You may lack any parking options whatsoever. If you’re in that category, then the best answer may be to look into self storage facilities that are associated with strong vehicle protection practices.

Australian roadtrip

You should make the effort to go with a self storage facility that has a terrific track record among individuals who own vehicles of all varieties. There are some self storage facilities that are especially advantageous for people who have bigger vehicles. It’s essential to research a self storage facility that’s optimal for your specific situation and car.

front half of a black audi car

Moving Abroad for Work – Self Storage can Help

Work is essential. People find work fulfilling. Working allows people to move forward and use their talents. As part of their career plans, many people find it helpful to look for work opportunities far from home. If you are thinking about moving to another place, you’ll want to be mindful of all the little details. Little details like the use of Car Storage Pakenham can help anyone make that daunting transition a lot easier from start to finish. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing your cherished vehicle is always in place no matter where you’ve decided to roam.

Vehicle Safety

Any vehicle needs to be safe when you’re not there. Many car owners have chosen to put in additional safety features such as a car seat to keep their kids safe as they drive. When people travel abroad for work, they might be worried about the features they’ve installed. Keeping a car in Car Storage Pakenham will ensure that the car they’re going to drive remains as safe as it was when they put in all such features. No one will tamper with them when the worker is not home to use their car.

Totally Secure

Car thieves are always searching for new ways to take people’s cars. Someone who has taken a job in a different country may not be around to supervise their car when they’re not there. They can place any vehicle in a secure Car Storage Pakenham facility. The facility will make sure that no one can touch their vehicle when they are away for a long period of time. People must have the right identification just to enter this facility. The facility is closely watched by experts who know how to avoid having cars stolen from their storage area.

red car in background with a person's hand using key to lock

Protected From the Elements

The elements can be rough on any vehicle. Water from a sudden storm can get trapped in the car if the windows are open just a tiny crack. Dust that is picked up by wind can be hurled against the body of the car, chipping the paint and getting into all areas underneath the hood. As it does, it can render the interior of the car full of unwanted dirt. Over time, this can hurt the entire car. Placing the car in a storage facility removes this concern. The vehicle is always free of all weather-related problems including sun, heat, and moisture.

hail stones on grass with car driving past

Allowing Access

When someone is working abroad, they might want to allow others the chance to use their car when they’re not there. A car storage facility makes it easy to meet multiple use goals for their vehicle. The car can be accessed by the people who have been designated access when they are abroad. They don’t have to go on the person’s property. In turn, they know where to return the vehicle when they are done driving it. The car remains in a safe facility when it is not in use by the owner or their close friends.

Four friends sitting in a car going for a drive

caravan under stars at night

The pros and cons: new vs used caravans

Deciding on whether to put your money on a New Vs Used Caravan can be a daunting task. A caravan isn’t an overnight thought, and there is an entire list of elements to think about when choosing a New Vs Used Caravan. What are the pros and cons of each? Read on to dig up more information from Beacon Storage, a secure Melbourne Caravan Storage provider.

Purchasing a new caravan


Easy access to latest advancements

New caravans are built with the newest technology, and most will incorporate safety features, customs layouts, and modern designs. They are also more agile, lighter and have enhanced suspension to make travelling comfortable compared to their older counterparts. If your new caravan features new technology such as solar panels, keep it in a secure Melbourne Caravan Storage facility to protect it.

soalr panel on caravan

Free from problems

A new caravan is usually outsourced directly from the manufacturer with no previous owners. You are guaranteed of a vehicle with no mechanical problems or accident history.

modern  caravan interior


Warranties on new caravans are an added advantage. Should the new caravan develop mechanical problems before the warranty period is over, the owner will have it fixed on the manufacturer’s account.

pink themed caravan


High pricing

The biggest drawback tagged to purchasing any new product is its buying price. A new caravan is going to fetch a high cost owing to its pristine condition.

new caravan

High depreciation rate

Some assets are prone to depreciate, and a caravan isn’t an exception. All caravans whether old or new will depreciate. However, new caravans tend to depreciate higher by about 40% of its purchasing value only after two years.

smoke coming from caravan

Higher insurance

With the high purchasing and maintenance value of a new caravan, the high cost is likely to reflect on the insurance cover. To lower insurance costs, keep your caravan in a secure Melbourne Caravan Storage facility.

Purchasing a used caravan


Inexpensive to acquire

Contrary to buying a new caravan, used options are cheaper. They can get as cheap as half its original buying price. It becomes a great bargain for those looking for economy caravans.


Come with pre-installed features

The previous owner may have been enthusiastic about developing and enhancing the used caravan with some features and equipment. For instance, a used caravan may come pre-installed with kitchen items or a music system that the original owner chooses to leave inside the trailer.

caravan kitchen


May come with additional problems

A used caravan has been maintained in various hands that you know nothing about. Although it’s obvious that you will notice a few scratches or dents, mechanical problems tend to stay hidden until you begin driving the vehicle.

fixing leak in caravan

May turn up to be expensive

Depending on the condition of the used caravan, it may demand additional cosmetic repairs, mechanical repairs, and vehicle part replacements. All these overall expenses will make buying a used caravan an expensive affair.

Difficulty finding the ideal piece

You may find it difficult finding a used caravan that has the exact expectations and requirements you desire. This is mainly due to older models being phased out, and some already have current owners.

These above-discussed points surrounding the topic New Vs Used Caravan should help you decide. Your use for the caravan should play a key role in helping you arrive at a decision. Remember, no matter what kind of caravan you buy, to store it in a safe and secure Melbourne Caravan Storage option.

Caravan storage – Beacon Storage from above!

A quick post to share some photos of Beacon Storage from a birds eye view!

Taken just this week between the rain and high winds (8th Aug 17), you can see the wonderful spread of the caravan storage yard and that we have plenty more space left to fill! Also a shot over the main buildings.

We’ll bring more to you soon, along with some video flyovers introducing new and prospective customers to site.

Beacon Storage main storage yard
Beacon Storage main storage yard
Beacon Storage main buildings
Beacon Storage main buildings








These two images show our location to the north of Pakenham (looking due SE) and looking to the north east up the picturesque Toomuc Valley.

Looking south east over Pakenham
Looking south east over Pakenham
The view north east up Toomuc Valley
The view north east up Toomuc Valley







Beacon Storage has a range of flexible storage options to store caravans, boats, motorhomes, camper vans, cars, camper trailers and house hold goods.

Talk to us about other services we can provide on site including: Service, cleaning, repairs and installation and modification of caravans and trailers.

Our reception has a small shop with some supplies and we can order any thing you require as far as accessories for a competitive price; including caravan covers, generators, locks, annexes, toilet chemicals and more.