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Top Caravan Destinations around Victoria Part 2

Victoria is the name of a picturesque state that’s part of the southeastern region of Australia. It offers people plenty of things to see and do as well. It doesn’t matter if you have a penchant for nature, for recreation or for culture in general. You should have no shortage of amazing activity options in Victoria. Caravan getaways can be wonderful for people who are interested in the idea of travelling throughout Victoria, too. If you want to hit the road in a cosy caravan, then you can consider visiting all sorts of places in the state. Here are few of our favourite destinations form Beacon Caravan Storage in Melbourne.

Apollo Bay

If you’re in the mood for some pure serenity, then you may want to head to Apollo Bay in your caravan. This Otways settlement is the dictionary definition of quaint. It has a beachside locale that’s soothing to the max, too. People who want to sunbathe frequently make the decision to head to Apollo Bay. It’s even a suitable place for people who want to hike, check out animals and swim. Don’t forget to take a look at Cape Otway Lighthouse, either.

apollo bay

Phillip Island

People who want to revel in island marvels may want to drive over to Phillip Island in Victoria. This is a big destination among those who are based in energetic Melbourne. If you’re fascinated by penguins, then there aren’t many settings that can hold a candle to Phillip Island. Summerland Beach is a haven for the creatures. If you feel like taking it easy for hours in a flawless beach setting, then you can’t go wrong in heading to this Victoria favourite in your trusty caravan.

Philip Island


Echuca is the name of a destination that’s part of the northern section of Victoria. It’s a stunning Murray River place that in the past was an action-packed port. This was back a couple of centuries ago. If you want to relish culture and heritage, then you should take time out to go to the intriguing Port of Echuca Discovery Centre for a bit. If you feel like squeezing in a little recreation, you should explore the waterpark that’s situated within Discovery Parks. People who are keen on retro vehicles may want to browse the wonders of the widely known National Holden Museum.

murray river tours

Barwon Heads

If you want to check out a community that’s right by the scenic sea, then you can’t go wrong by opting for Barwon Heads in Victoria. This Great Ocean Road destination welcomes all sorts of visitors on an annual basis. The community’s caravan park is appropriate for youngsters. It’s even equipped with a pleasant playground. If you want to unwind, go fishing and relish the pleasures of water in general, then you won’t be able to turn away from Barwon Heads for long at all. People often head to Barwon Heads any time they’re getting ready to go to all sorts of destinations that are in the region.

victoria beaches

Caravan Storage in Melbourne

It can be amazing to employ your caravan any time you’re on a getaway in Victoria or elsewhere. You don’t have to fret at other points of the year, either. That’s due to the fact that Caravan Storage in Melbourne is on hand to you. Don’t forget to meticulously tidy up your caravan prior to putting it into storage centres, either. Your aim should be to maintain a caravan that epitomises order and sanitation. If you opt for Caravan Storage in Melbourne, you don’t have to agonise about the condition of your vehicle even for a minute. Storage facilities can do a lot for people who want to have total peace of mind.

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