Space Saving Hacks For Your Caravan

A caravan can be a lot of fun, but there can be a downside to it. Caravan storage can seem to be a bit of a struggle. Fortunately, there are some space-saving hacks for your caravan that will allow you to enjoy it more and feel a lot less cramped.

One of the biggest space savers is under bed storage. This caravan storage trick can easily be overlooked, but it shouldn’t be. This storage space can be a great option for stashing linens or extra clothing- especially important given the limitations of caravan closets.

caravan storage underbed

Fold out tables are another great caravan storage space saving hack. These provide extra space for meals, games or a work space for a laptop, but they fold neatly out of the way when not in use.

Kitchen space is something else that can be at a premium in a caravan. Stackable nesting bowls are a handy option in the kitchen. Swap out mixing bowls in favour of these space savers, and enjoy more meal preparation ability while keeping space demands minimal.

Caravan Kitchen Storage

Tea kettles can be really handy in the kitchen, but standard household ones can take up too much space within the close quarters of a caravan. A foldable one, however, accomplishes the task without monopolizing precious kitchen space.

When it comes to trash disposal, waste not want not. Choose an over-the-door or door-mounted trash can designed for use in a caravan to minimize the amount of space this necessary item takes up.

A freestanding drawer unit in a cupboard can be another handy way to boost space within your caravan. It allows for neater organization in a compact space. Just secure it with a bungee to keep it from getting jostled about.

caravan kitchen

Caravan closets can be extremely tight spaces. Add a shoe organizer to create extra shelf space for clothes, shoes, accessories, or other items. Another handy way to make use of a shoe organizer is in the bathroom; it can make for an excellent space saving towel holder.

Also for the bathroom, a shampoo dispenser can be a helpful space saving hack. Instead of bottles of shampoo and conditioner cluttering up the shower, a carefully fitted dispenser keeps things clutter free.

If you’re especially handy, you may want to tackle an even bigger caravan space saving hack. Your caravan’s bunk beds for even more space. Remodeling them into closet space or an office can add valuable space to your caravan that would otherwise be wasted.

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