Have you any vacancies?

Absolutely! We have ample capacity with room to expand.

Do you have undercover storage for Caravans or Motorhomes?

No, currently we don’t. However, with our affordable rates you will still be ahead even after purchasing a quality cover.

What security do you have?

We have an access control system with motor controlled gates, floodlights and monitored security cameras. You will be issued a unique PIN code that will log your entry and exit and prevent unauthorised access.

Will the site be large enough for my van?

Yes, our yard and sites can accommodate the largest vans or vehicles however spaces are more limited for full size buses and large fifth-wheelers. Please call us to confirm if we can accomodate your vehicle.

Can I get access to my caravan or stored property at any time?

Access is limited to daylight hours only. Other than this you may access your caravan or storage unit at your desire. You will provide your own locks/anti-theft deterrents and hold the key for them.

When does Beacon Storage require a key to my lock?

We will need a key copy of any anti-theft devices if we will be required to move your van/vehicle/trailer. This will be discussed and arranged when you sign an agreement with us. Under a managed agreement we can park your van and recover it from it’s site when you want to take it out. Give us at least one business day of notice and we’ll have it waiting for you in our Transition Area .

I like your business model and have a similar property of my own. How can I get started running my own storage site?

Thanks, we are very fortunate to be doing this. We entered the business in a unique way and time and the local council granted us a permit to operate on Existing Use Exemption rights. If you have a property that is not in a commercial or industrial zone you will be risking being shut down under the zoning regulations set out by the State Government, enforced by local councils. A 'Store' or storage facility is not permitted in Green Wedge zoning.

We’re going on holiday soon and I want to pick up my caravan. Will we be charged for the time we are away?

Our storage agreement options are quite flexible. The minimum charge is for one month of storage. You may choose either month to month storage or take an agreement for annual storage. The best value is for 12 months - the biggest advantage being a guaranteed site.

What's happening in the yard right now?

Currently we're developing a new hardstand transition yard. A new access track will better manage traffic flow on site and self storage units will be separate from vehicle storage sites. In order to make storage on site more efficient and more secure, access will be restricted to the transition yard for vehicle storage tenants when works are completed. Staff will move all towables to the yard for collection and from the yard to the storage area.

When will the new Transition Yard be finished?

No date is set for completion. The works are heavily dependant on a range of factors that prevent us from giving a deadline.

I don't want things to change - I like the current arrangements. Do I have any other options?

Depending on demand, there will be some limited alternatives available. We'll present the options once the yard is complete and we can outline the transition to the new system. It will take some time, so we appreciate your patience as it all comes together.

What's going on with the track at the moment?

The delivery of fill on site caused track damage. With the addition of unseasonal rain repairs are slow and cannot be finished until it dries out. We are anxious to do this however it's subject to the weather. Apologies for any inconvenience caused, however we are doing our best.

If you have further questions about these Q and A's or any others, please email us at [email protected]